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Kalesi – №1 wooden windows and balcony doors

There are hundreds of thousands of buildings in Estonia and millions of doors and windows are used in them. This is also a reason why there are so many companies producing and mediating windows and doors on our domestic market. But what do the people who live and work in these buildings know about windows? “A wood-aluminium window is a high quality window but expensive, a plastic window will do and is cheap and a timber window is somewhere in between,” goes the usual opinion.

Kaisa Haldus OÜ had more than 15 years experience of producing wooden windows and in 2007 began to prepare for the production of laminated wooden windows under the trademark of Kalesi. The aim of the company is to prove itself as well as to everybody else that in the case of light tones, while using contemporary impregnating materials and painting technologies, the durability of  wooden window refinement can be compared to that of wood-aluminium window. 

At the same time such advantages of wooden windows as thermal isolation, strength, mould stability, aesthetical appearance, environment-friendliness and the quality not to gather dirt caused by static energy on the window jambs and frames, outweigh the somewhat cheaper price of plastic windows.

By today, the products of Kalesi trademark are actively used in many Estonian homes and offices.

The production range includes:

  • windows
  • wooden windows
  • wood-aluminum windows
  • balcony doors
  • wooden balcony doors
  • wood-aluminium balcony doors
  • passive windows
  • fireproof windows EI30
  • wooden sliding doors for balcony 
  • wood-aluminum sliding doors for balcony 
  • wooden folding doors for balcony
  • wooden bifold doors for balcony
  • exterior doors
  • wooden exterior doors
  • laminated timber windowsills

An experience of several years, contemporary technologies used by producing´and the uncompromising quality of materials let the company use the slogan “Kalesi – No 1 timber windows” with no shame.

Kaisa Haldus OÜ's mission is to offer various solutions to window and door problems. Up to 5-year guarantee for windows and balcony doors assures peace of mind for both clients as well as the company.

Come and see us and we will find the most optimal solution to your window or door problem.