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Timber-aluminium window frame profiles: 68 / 100 / 120 150 mm 

Wood-aluminum windowsWood-aluminum windows
Wood-aluminum windowsWood-aluminum windows

Wooden windows and wood-aluminium windows constructions are identical. Differently from a wooden window the exterior surface of this window type is covered with a special aluminium cover profile to protect it especially efficiently against weather conditions.

The ADVENTAGES of a tilt & turn wood-aluminium window:

  • Aluminium cover profile guarantees the longest and most efficient protection of timber from environmental impact; UV radiation, rain, cold, wind, etc.
  • It can be installed on windows already in use, it is one renovation option instead of repainting the wooden window
  • It guarantees a good ventilation between a timber and aluminium cover profile
  • It gives the window a contemporary appearance
  • It makes the window easy to maintain

The STANDARD SET includes:


  • Use of different glasses in a window packet
  • Glazing bars of different widths
  • Security seals
  • Various handles
  • Use of colours and glazes and lacquers of different shades
  • The choice of different timber imitations on the exterior side of the window (powder colour)
  • Installation of ventilation valves
  • The possibility of an additional sealing for the improvement of noise-proof and thermal qualities
  • Insect nets
  • To make windows of merant, oak, eucalypt and without finger-jointed pine laminated timber

Kalesi wood-aluminium windows last for a long time!

Kalesi wood-aluminium windows have long resistance against the impacts of the external environment, they protect living rooms against noise and dust and give good thermal insulation.


Standard Kalesi wood-aluminium windows are manufactured from pine laminated timber, but as a special order we also manufacture windows from spruce, merant, oak, eucalypt, mahogany, teak etc. For finishing we can use paint or a stain (glaze). The internal side of a wood-aluminium window looks especially attractive when finished with a stain.

Attention – wood-aluminium windows in darker shades!

The external side of a wood-aluminium window is covered with aluminium profiles. The aluminium cover profile protects wood efficiently against the impact of direct weather. Nevertheless, it is known that darker powder-coated aluminium profiles installed on southern and western sides will bleach, influenced by intensive UV rays, in approximately 5-7 years. Yet the external surface of anodised (natural aluminium, light and dark bronze) aluminium profiles covered with light powder coating is long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Wood-aluminium windows – construction and other materials

As the wood-aluminium windows are exposed to hard conditions, materials of high quality have to be used. Wooden materials move, due to temperature fluctuations and moisture. Wood-aluminium windows are made of several profiles, and in order to avoid cracking, their joints have to be filled with flexible joint mastic, and the joints must be tight. The paint of a wood-aluminium window must be of very high quality and flexible to prevent the development of cracks on the paint surface in the event that the horizontal and vertical joints expand or shrink and in the event of major temperature fluctuations.

One of the key factors in the long lifetime of a wood-aluminium window is the self-ventilation capability of the window construction in protecting it
against internal condensing water.

Wood-aluminium windows – noise insulation

Additional seals and a special glazed unit give good noise insulation. It should be considered that one part of a glazed unit with a good sound insulation is either a thicker and/or laminated glass pane, and this makes the window heavy. Thus the size of such openable wood-aluminium windows cannot be too big.

Wood-aluminium windows – safety

Additional safety of a window is in the first place ensured by the choice of glass. Laminated and/or high-tempered glass and safety locking systems are used. Safety locking systems make it difficult to pull the window or balcony door out of the lock plate installed in the frame sash, as the moving lock plates come with T-shaped heads. In addition, a handle with a lock can be installed.

Wood-aluminium windows – ordering

When placing an order for new windows, be sure to see that they are convenient to use and maintain and that these will match the other windows and the facade of the building. It also makes sense to see that the new wood-aluminium windows match the colour of the roof, doors and other windows.
Wood-aluminium windows are facade elements of a building whose function is to let light into a room and also fresh air in the heating period. Thus, before placing an order, please consider whether you may also need any accessories, such as an insect screen or ventilation valves, and think about the colour shade of water drips, etc.

Wood-aluminium windows – maintenance

In general, wood-aluminium windows do not require any other regular maintenance than checking and greasing of the locking system once a year, and if required, also adjustment. Window seals should also be cleaned.

The external aluminium cover profile protects the wood efficiently against the impact of direct weather. Yet wood-aluminium windows are not fully maintenance-free. The darker powder-coated aluminium profiles installed on the southern and western sides bleach due to intensive UV rays in approximately 5-7 years. Regarding windows installed on the eastern and northern sides, the requirement to freshen up the painted surfaces arises slightly later. Yet the external surface of anodised (natural aluminium, light and dark bronze) aluminium profiles covered with light powder coating is long-lasting and maintenance-free.


Wood-aluminium windows

  • The external surface of the of the sash and frame is covered with aluminium profiles
  • Wood-aluminium windows are maintenance-free in the event that light shades and anodised aluminium profiles are used. In the case of darker shades, the paint on windows installed on the southern and western sides bleaches within 5-7 years. Proper repainting of an aluminium cover is relatively complicated.
  • Manufacturing of windows in special shapes is somewhat limited.
  • Thermal and noise insulation is not improved compared to wooden windows.
  • Remarkably higher price.

Wooden windows

  • The lower horizontal surfaces of a wooden window are covered with an aluminium profile.
  • There are no limits on shapes and sizes.
  • In most cases, wooden windows need to be partially repainted on southern and western sides after 7-10 years; on the northern side later.
  • Remarkably more favourable price.

Kalesi wood-aluminium windows and balcony doors give good
thermal and sound insulation!

Kalesi wood-aluminium windows and balcony doors last long!

Choose Kalesi wood-aluminium windows and balcony doors!

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